When you need restoration work done on your antique mechanical music device, you want a company which has the knowledge and experience to not only repair and refinish the piece, but to restore the device as close to the original condition as possible. A properly restored antique music device will appreciate in value much faster and will look and sound magnificent.

Restoration work requires many skills. We have the capability to repair and in some cases manufacture missing wood and metal parts. We have the ability to repair old gears or to cut new gears. We replace broken comb teeth and tips; redamper and tune, repin cylinders, governor work, spring barrel work, casework and metal polishing, and much more. We also work on miniature movements.

We Rebuild Pnuematic Systems:

Player and Reproducing Pianos
Reed Organs


Why Puls, Inc?

  • We perform all restoration work ourselves - no subcontractors
  • We are experienced with pieces that are becoming rare from reproducing pianos, Ampico-Duo-Art-Welte to cylinder and disc music boxes, orchestrions, nickelodeons, etc.
  • Member AMICA (Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Associaton)
  • Member The Music Box Society International
  • Antique mechanical music dealers have used our services for years
  • We work to earn your complete satisfaction

At Puls, Inc. we take great pride in our work and genuinely appreciate seeing, working on, and restoring all types of musical and mechanical devices. The items we work on are unique, rare, and loved by their owners and we provide much care and detail when working on these items.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Please take the time to view images of past and present work in our Photo Gallery .